Lorna Wilson
  Advanced Hypnotherapist, Mentor, Life Coach, &  
 Shamanic Practitioner with  20 years experience

Lorna Wilson Certified Hypnotist



Want to thank you again for such an amazing session - I can definitely sense a shift in my vibration. Later that evening, I was on my way to meet my friend and was running a little late - someone who was advertising something tried to stop me to talk to me and when I explained that I was late, he laughed and asked, "is this how slowly and calmly you walk when you're LATE?"
Even later, once I saw my friend, she commented on how something had changed in my energy - like there was something different about me - a more peaceful energy!

I am so glad I made the decision to visit you, as I checked out a few of the other QHHT practitioner websites too but, I felt your energy resonate with me most and it just felt right to come. From the moment I met up with you, I instantly felt I was in the presence of your safe, loving and nurturing energies and the nerves I had from before totally disappeared making the whole experience from start to finish very enjoyable and wonderful.
Thanks a million for making Tuesday such a beautiful, memorable and transformational day for me.

Sending you love and light

Just got in and wanted to say a huge thank you for today <3
You are a remarkable therapist and I so enjoy being with you.I really hope that you will eventually write that book we talked about the previous time we met,you are such a fountain of knowledge that you should share it with the world. I have to tell you that I have felt SO positive since the session.

Lorna, thank you again so much for facilitating today's truly amazing session.

thank you so much for what you’ve done for me, you are a truly amazing woman. My world is no longer the same and I feel much more better now. I am sure I will see you again. XX

Thank you so much my Lioness siStar.
For the Love, the Care and the Knowledge. My spirit resonates well with yours.

Thank you so much. You are a beautiful, beautiful woman and I am so very glad I met you today. Thank you with all of my heart. xx

Gosh wow! It was such a beautiful experience! I'm deeply moved and you are a shining light! So nice to meet you...Chris and I were blown away by what came up. Incredible. Huge thank you for a fantastic experience. You really put me at ease, and you know what up ask! 

Much love,

Thank you so much for the fantastic sessions yesterday. We both feel very good  physically and mentally.
I had not heard more than 15 minutes the other day.
I just heard the whole session and it was amazing and so much I did not remember!!👽😀🌏⭐️🌙🌔🌠

Thank you again, It gave me so much good things to think about.

Big hug
P.E Eur.

Today I did a presentation of my action plan for my new role. Something that I have wanted to do for 12 long years ever since I took my work break. It was a busy weekend but it was much appreciated for its depth and coverage of topics. It was a positive experience. I am still waiting for my role confirmation end of this month, but I believe now that I have done all that I can for it.

It made me remember the day 6 months ago, when I came to you for my first QHHT session - fearful of my ex and the discomfort I had about the impressions I had of life. The three sessions I have had with you have opened up a new path in my thinking and in my life, and thanks to you, I now believe that I am as good as any other, and hard work and honesty will always be my two trusted companions. Thank you for that, and also thank you for your great act of kindness towards my sister's need.

It feels like you have now put me in touch with my higher self and that is priceless. 

I have cherished your friendship and have always benefitted from your wise words when in doubt, and I hope and pray that this friendship will continue for a long time to come.

You are truly blessed.

Lots of Love

I would like to thank you for the Healing I experienced after the session with you :-) that was amazing! Since then everything just started falling into places just like that! Within 2 months after The session I have sorted out stuff that I have been struggling with for last 4-5 years! That was so amazing! :-) I will come for more healing soon x


You have a sense of warmth and I felt like I was supposed to meet you and felt connected with you right away.  I loved listening to you because your words are wise and truthful. You have amazing energy and you are very caring and nurturing.  You are very discerning and mindful when you speak and you really really helped me a lot. 
OHI, Texas USA

I am so pleased that I chose you,as I felt from the moment I saw you in one video at Dolores site that you are special.
And I was right! You are brilliant!

My session with you was very enlightening. I've listened to the recording a couple of times and I have to say I find it absolutely amazing, where does it all come from????

"The times in our lives when we meet someone who profoundly change us are few. Upon our first meeting I felt as if I was in the presence of a long lost friend and since then have benefitted immeasurably from Lorna's wisdom, insight and continued counsel. The blessings that come from her are breathtaking."

“I decided to revisit my past because I needed to find out what has cause my current problem. Lorna’s professional guidance, facilitated my understanding to my present issues. The most outstanding experience was the contact with my Higher-self, something utterly amazing. I will try to describe, although it cannot be generalised as it  might be something individual. In my case, a more mature voice was giving me answers. In my conscious level, I am a very teary and emotional person, my Higher self was so emotionally controlled, no tears came up when I was in contact with it. It was impressive. I realised that past is past and you cannot change it, and the outcome might be inconclusive, however the past journey and conversation with Higher Self might give you a scenario to understand your present and await a happy future.
 Indeed grateful to Lorna”. 
AG, London, 2013

I kept `Your` crystal that is mine now:)) in my hands all my way back. .Such a good feeling! Thank you from all my heart for this huge amount of time you spent with me  helping me in so many ways to find my true self.

I'm not sure whether I have told you but ***** is pregnant also, she's about 5 months and is having a girl which she said she will be having in your session.

Earth is lucky to have you here. You do not sit around and waste time and existence,  but you make a difference. At least I'm here and I observe and I met you and I know, I know! You help humans, you helped me and believe me, I have looked in so many places for help and if not you.. I do not believe there's many people who would be able to "pull this off" and help me. I did my research. You are valuable to this planet! I do not say this to many people if not at all, but I will say it to you -I was an HONOR to meet you. :-) 

I have never slept so good. Thank you. Since my session my back problem has just disappeared and my eyes are seeing better.  I haven't been wearing my glasses for most things and that feels really good.

I feel VERY GOOD! Happy, happy, happy and light:) It was such a joy to meet you once again! Thank you for spending so much energy and time on me. I needed it. I received my relief I was longing for. Amazing!

Today is my lucky day - I went to the Charring Cross hospital where I had the appointment with my oncologist - imagine that my tumour has disappeared despite my heavy smoking. I am still in shock over the results. Of course it does not mean the cancer is gone completely. I still have to go every three months for a check up. Only God knows how the results could be so good considering I was for the last 2 1/2 months was working very hard and was under the stress worrying about things.
Thanks Lorna a lot for your help. All this illness showed me who my real friends were!!! So, in a way, this experience was good for something! It just proved me (only with some people) that down deep I was wright about them by simply going by my instincts.

Just finished listening to the session-WOW.I am so pleased with it.I really enjoyed listening to it as I thought I had remembered it all, but of course I didn't.There were some parts that I thought very funny,especially the "sub" bit to do with the subconscious and preferring the name oversoul or higher soul, as it was of the One, and not "sub" anything. I am sure you don't get time, or want to listen to all the recordings, so I will just remind you that there was a message at the end for you not to stop your work.You have a gift Lorna and I am sure it will develop and be, as was said, a necessary part of the New World.  Again thank you for a great session and I learnt a lot. 

"It was wonderful to have lovely time in your home and the long chat, I feel I have learned a lot about myself, regarding the treatment it was very different from any other treatment I ever know. This morning after have really good night sleep for a such long time,  I got up feeling refresh,  I still see the place I been during my visit, and I am trying to make sense of all.  Thank you so very much for spending so of your time with me. and that for being in my life, you are such a wonderful soul. I am feeling so much better also I am much more aware of things going on around me. I really feel nothing is matter but to living life in simple kind of life and be happy."
Love and blessing

"I will always be very grateful to you for our session; it was truly transformational. I re-lived the session many times and learned a lot from you, both as your client and a fellow practitioner. Your warm heart, willingness to share your wisdom, and perhaps most importantly, your positive approach to everything is proof that you are far beyond the mind and the duality. I am so happy that our paths crossed!"

E O.  Asia

Just a brief note to say many thanks for the beneficial sessions we have shared. Yes they have been truly redeeming and superbly enlightening.  I must also add that I felt at home in the therapeutic setting of your environment which is complimented by your personal expression of care and understanding.  Congratulation on your excellent professionalism. I will confidently recommend you. Keep up the good work.


I was so fortunate to have met Lorna during 3 glorious weeks at Optimum Health Institute/Austin/2010 during our total body/mind/spirit integration retreat.My personal memory of Lorna is one of much laughter, and playfulness, and great wisdom. We also managed to elevate the term, "laughter is the best medicine" to the 4th power!Furthermore, I was very honored to have accepted her offer of a  session.It was my first ... So, as I sat with my back toward her, I felt a dense healing energy move throughout my body. It was amazing to actually feel her without being touched! We then talked afterward and I was able to process what came up for me. I only wish that we lived close for us to work together some more.Thank you for your gift and I am grateful to have you in my life, Lorna!

I just wanted to personally say thank u. I appreciated our session more than i can put into words. I 100% APPRECIATE you, and it  meant a lot to me to be able see such an inspirational person like you.  In conclusion, much much respect to you, and cheers ~!!!
M  S, UK


Great to meet you :):):) and fab fab fab session!!!! biggest hugs to you!!!

S B, UK   

Oh my gosh! Lorna i read your story in Dolores book and she was right, not many people could of survived  what you  had to endure. Amazing strength and courage! 
When we first sat down to talk about the session, i noticed your higher self or someone else of great importance over shadowing you. You had completely changed, i also noticed it when i looked into your eye's i could see if you don't mind me saying, a very wise old soul,a sage that had experienced much life there was so much in your eye's i saw an imprint of all the emotions, the pain the love and so much compassion that flowed through those unusual eye's of yours it was like looking through multicolored kaleidoscopes, ha! not of this earth.


I really appreciated your degree of healthy knowledge and you have given me more hope than I thought I needed. People never know what they are lacking until exposed to something different. You helped me expand and If you have a book please let me know what the title is or link to purchase one. You definitely ROCK.


Loving the new aspect to life here that is spiritual. My visit to you was amazing. I am certainly on the path now, and will need your helpful, calm input again. I'm happy to think we will meet again, how lucky for me.

V S.  UK

I received th from a client who has added so many insights that I thought to share it here with you with her permission:.

Hello Lorna,

Thank you so much for your the session yesterday you have given me a wealth of information to think about. I don't know what was more valuable to me counselling session (maybe she calls it 'counselling' because in the pretalk when we map out what they want to achieve I aim my questioning to help them explore and express their feelings and beliefs as these are the things their SC will be rebalancing or healing), or the hypnosis but I have a feeling I actually came to you to get the feedback I needed to know so I can go with the flow and just "be".

Funnily enough the notion of going with the flow is not new to me, I think I mentioned that.. which is probably why I did not feel any "revelation" because I have always been receiving the information, and sometimes acting out on it. Im just skeptical of this instinct, because of my programming. I have a huge conflict between living in the two worlds and thought I could get more insight into how to make it work. All that it showed me is that I am connected I am receiving the information, I just need to go with the flow and probably have faith in the idea the situation I am in is needed, and only seems bad because of my expectations.

Therefore the experience ironically "is not at all what i expected", because it revealed that what I was expecting was answers from something outside of me, when it literally is just me. While I was trying to feel for the answers to my questions I also felt that i was asking a billion different things at the same time and I couldn't understand my thoughts. I also have a feeling that the reason why i cant see the answers is because of my expectations, and the reason why I didn't get answers to some questions are because they are no longer relevant. Anyway I think I need to work on my thoughts for now, for instance "what I am like in 1 years time" visualisation you mentioned and see what is revealed from there.

Thank you so much. I have a lot of ideas/ images (which comes to me in the same way as it did during QHHT the session) which is also what I find interesting about the session. The ideas are backing up so yes I realise I have asked for this time and I know what work I have to do just don't know how to do it and survive lol. Expectations.

Thanks you so much Lorna meeting you has really been an enlightening experience in itself, and you have helped intuitively, in the most fantastic way. I am very Grateful


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