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The Benefit of Healing

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Self Awareness Heals the Past

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Our subconscious mind knows what is needed to restore us back into our natural essence before the harshness of our life stories kicked in causing us to create belief systems of emotional pain or trauma. We personalise our world view in our early life which impacted on our body, mind and spirit into beliefs about ourselves from a childs perspective. e.g 'I'm not good enough...I can't trust life...I'm not connected'...etc. etc.

Reincarnation: An explanation

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"The question crying out for an answer is, “If we have lived before, why don’t we remember it? The answer is both simple and complex. The simple answer is, “Because we have not lived before.” This is not completely true, but it is relatively true because the “you”” and “I” that we consider to be ourselves has not lived before. We think of ourselves as composed of personality (which includes the conscious mind) and body. The current conscious mind, personality, and body are new; they have not been alive before. Nor have they reincarnated in the true sense of the word. However, our souls have been alive before—this is the distinction—and they have reincarnated. The memories are thus our souls; not ours.” 

This Is Why You Can't Wake Up In The Morning - Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Dr. Joe Dispenza explains in easy to understand ways the benefit of liking your life and how to do so. 

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The Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself - Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Dr. Joe Dispenza explains the psychology of self-healing.
This is The Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself.

5 Mindsets that Prevent Hypnosis:

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Here s a brief summary of the 5 Mindsets that Prevent Hypnosis:


1) Prove it to me attitude. No one can hypnotize you against your free will. So, if you want to challenge the hypnotist and say, I bet you can't hypnotize me, guess what? You'll be right.


2) Control - some people have a natural tendency to need to be "in control". You're not giving away your control by choosing to allow someone to guide you into hypnosis. You're letting go and allowing it to happen, but you'll always be aware and able to stop the process.


3) Analyzing - again here's something people have a natural tendency to do is second guess everything that is happening. No need to think and worry about whether you are doing it right or in hypnosis.


4) Trying too hard - some people TRY to achieve a state that they THINK is hypnosis. If you try too hard, you'll end up just being frustrated in the end and not allowing the natural effects to occur.


5) No Motivation - you need to have some idea of what OUTCOME you want to achieve as a result of going into hypnosis. Even if it's just to feel the effects of relaxation. But, if you don't want to be hypnotized and have no motivation for it, it's likely not going to happen.


The best thing you can do is simply enjoy the process. Let go!

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Video: Lorna Wilson - Why QHHT

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This is a recent interview  QHHT pracititoner. Cettina Casella is informative and fun. Enjoy.   

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This is a comment beneath the Youttube video from a former client:  

I'm drawn to Lorna's wisdom. I had no idea she had shamanic experience but it really makes sense. She did wonders in my session just by allowing it to take its natural path which was more in line with inner work / shadow work rather than strictly qhht, but that is what my subconscious wanted me to see and experience. She made me feel safe, and that s a task of its own, and she followed up the session with forwarding useful links on topics that we touched on that day.

Sincerely grateful and really enjoyed the interview! Thank you both  <3   Elena B

QHHT Resolves the Original Causes of Our Issues

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You don't have to believe in past lives

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 The subconscious is creative and will use whatever means or imagery at its disposal to convey relevant and appropriate information to help the you quickly heal or effect positive changes in the very best and fastest ways possible. Therefore expressing what might be seen as a past life could be metaphorical, or even be an analogy that will provide insights and answers. The interesting thing is that often you might experience this as though it were very real and if you are the central character you might feel and sense the emotions as the story unfolds.

Dolores Cannon - about UFO's and Extraterrestrials

Posted by Sunmover on November 17, 2018 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (1)

A range of experiences of the soul are uncovered in a QHHT session. You discover how it connects, or influences your life, and how they may add to your life purpose. .  

Dolores learned that some people have had experiences with ET''s from early childhood and that often multi-generational relationships exist between Earth family lineages and ET races. The little greys have in fact been created as a type of biological robot by another race far more advanced than humanity. This explains why so many people report the little greys to be extremely cold, almost removed of any emotional expression. The races that created them are the much taller greys with very slim torsos, skinny limbs and large, black eyes. Throughout her adventure into ET and UFO exploration, Dolores came into contact with numerous ET entities that come through her subjects to deliver information and understanding. There truly is a wealth of life out there in the universe existing in all shapes, forms and sizes.


Her book The Custodians (1998) signified a groundbreaking publication for Dolores after more than 20 years regressing clients with ET and UFO experiences. We learn that almost all so called abduction cases are actually mutual agreements made prior to incarnating for the purpose of helping one another. Just as we experience amnesia about who we are and where we are from prior to incarnating on Earth, so too do we experience amnesia regarding the contracts and agreements we made with others before coming here. The problem existing today is that the majority of humanity''s perspective on extra-terrestrials has been shaped and manipulated by mainstream media, religious belief systems and scientific dogmas. How few people are truly able to approach this area with an objective, unbiased stance.


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