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Lorna Wilson, Advanced Hypnotherapist,

Shamanic Practitioner, Author & Mentor



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Edgar Cayce on the Importance of Dreams

Posted by Lorna Wilson on May 25, 2016 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)
The Edgar Cayce readings are filled with guidelines for working with dreams and the reasons to understand them. Perhaps the most important insights gained from the wealth of this material is the fact that each of us is aware of much more—about ourselves, our physical bodies, our surroundings, even our lifestyles—at subconscious levels than we realize. This is a lecture by Cheryl Baer-Bernath.

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Cells carry 'memory' of injury, which could reveal why chronic pain persists

Posted by Lorna Wilson on May 15, 2016 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Finally science is confirming what we know to be true through the revelations of the subconscious.  Our aches, pains, emotional blocks and illness can all be tracked back through our memories to the original causes.  As these stories unfold it releases the trapped emotional energy that is the source of discomfort or pain.

'A new study from King's College London offers clues as to why chronic pain can persist, even when the injury that caused it has gone. Although still in its infancy, this research could explain how small and seemingly innocuous injuries leave molecular 'footprints' which add up to more lasting damage, and ultimately chronic pain.

All of us are likely to know someone who suffers from persistent pain - it is a very common condition, which can be caused by sports injuries, various diseases and the process of ageing. Treatment options are limited and doctors are often unable to offer anything more than partial relief with painkillers, leaving their patients resigned to suffering.

While chronic pain can have many different causes, the outcome is often the same: an overly sensitive nervous system which responds much more than it normally would. However, a question still remains as to why the nervous system should remain in this sensitive state over long periods of time, especially in instances where the underlying injury or disease has gone.

Researchers from King's sought to answer this question by examining immune cells in the nervous system of mice, which are known to be important for the generation of persistent pain.

In the study, published today in Cell Reports, they found that nerve damage changes epigenetic marks on some of the genes in these immune cells. Epigenetics is the process that determines which gene is expressed and where. Some epigenetic signals have direct functional consequences, while others are just primers: flags that indicate a potential to act or be modified.

The cells examined in this King's study still behaved as normal, but the existence of these novel epigenetic marks may mean that they carry a 'memory' of the initial injury.'

Read the full article here

What is Spiritual Energy?

Posted by Lorna Wilson on April 11, 2016 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

This is an interesting article that details some of the symptoms of sensing energy that may be felt and experienced during your hypnosis session.  Sometimes this is when healing is occuring, communicating with your subconscious or higher self, or through your own expansion of consciousness when accessing a higher vibrational state that is less dense than the physical body.


First of all, we are not talking about “ghosts” here, but the spiritual (not religious) level vibrational radiance from all matter in all dimensions, including non-physical ones. This is the emanation of the clear, clean, loving, primordial energy that allows things to exist. One day soon this energy will be universally recognized as the basic organizational level of all things. It is Creational energy coming through as the signature vibrations of individuated forms. Science does not yet have a way to reliably detect or measure this energy nor do the inane “ghostbusters” on TV shows. Fortunately, we can use our own higher senses to perceive and evaluate these higher vibrational frequencies. We can also tap into and make use of them to expand our consciousness, heal ourselves, help others, communicate with higher dimensions, and move forward on our path.


There are also subtle energies that are not so spiritual in nature. These are the vibrations of unbalanced, unloving, or disorganized thoughts, emotions, actions, and intentions from human Souls here on Earth or on the Other Side. These energies surround us all of the time and can detrimentally affect us along with the subtle frequencies of electromagnetic devices like cellphones, high tension wires, computers, microwaves, etc. You may have sensed that you’ve been affected by some of them without being fully aware of it. Not to worry. As you learn to perceive subtle energies, you can also learn ways remediate the detrimental ones. Read on...


When and how do people notice or feel subtle or spiritual "energy"?


People sense subtle energy in different ways. Not everyone feels it bodily. Some people perceive it as colored light, “hear” it as a rising or falling sound or just "know" it. Some sense it in multiple ways at the same time or in succession. Some people can tell what consciousness, emotional, or situational “labels” are attached to subtle energy since energy can carry all possible outcomes at the same time. This is in fact what physicists have seen on the smallest level of matter, the Quantum level, where a particle can exist at many places at the same time yet still be only one “thing”.


To notice these subtle energies, you have to know that Spiritual energy exists. Understand that these Spiritual forces are not nearly as physically strong or readily noticeable to our five senses as the other kinds of energy (movement or Kinetic energy, heat, light, sound, electricity, gravity, etc.) that people interact with every day. If you've ever been "zapped" with electricity, you know what we're talking about. Those energies we usually register only with our five senses of touch, taste, smell, feel, sight, or hearing. They are usually overtly apparent to us, even in relatively small amounts or strength as we have the ability to see in relatively dim light, sense minute temperature changes, or feel the brush of a hair against our skin. You've learned to hold your hand over a stove burner to feel if there is heat energy coming off of it before you touch it and can feel it quite far away if you tune in to the feeling of “heat”. If you pay attention, you may even be able to feel light falling upon your skin. What you notice, you are conscious of and what you are conscious of, you notice. So too with subtle energies:


Mesa Creative Arts Center Director, Brad Silberberg says this about sensing subtle energies: "When doing healing work or work with energy tools, I will often feel with my left hand by placing it on or near the source. I may feel a tingling or pushing sensation or feel a kind of heat coming from them, but not the kind of heat from a flame. This mostly tells me the strength and balance of the energy. I may feel other qualities contained by or attached to the energy somewhere inside of ‘me’ as well and use my practiced discernment to decode it. I sense energy with my whole physical body, my aura, chakras, and my expanded consciousness; what I call my 'Felt Sense'. I believe I’m processing these sensations, in part, by using some of the 90% of my Human brain that Science says we ‘don't use’ because they don't understand subtle energy, how to detect, or measure it because it’s not electrical or chemical. It's nonsense to me to think that so much of our brain is useless tissue. Nature and Creation would not have wasted that space.


I have always perceived other people's emotions, state of mind, state of openness or closed-ness, denseness or lightness, high or low vibrational frequency, general health, and other information this way, often feeling it as if I am 'having' them myself. Over time I have learned how to interpret a great deal of what I pick up empathically with my Felt Sense and to widen my perception to other energies. I am still learning ways to sense, interpret, and work with inter-dimensional energies and the fundamental structural energies at the Spiritual/Creational level of matter that I 'know' are there all around us. Doing hands-on energy healing work with people, animals, and plants (e.g. Reiki, White Light, Sound Healing) interacting with crystals, and building and working with energy/healing tools have helped me to hone my perception and interpretation of subtle energies."


Can just anyone feel these energies?


We are ALL sensitive to subtle energies, but as a species have largely forgotten how to notice and interpret them. You’ve probably had myriad energy-sensing experiences without recognizing them. One of the easiest energies to notice is “people energy”. (Why do you think shopping malls feel like they do?) Have you ever had the experience of pulling up at a traffic light and looking at the guy in the car next to you, only to have him turn and look back at you? Why did he do that? Because he FELT your attention energy and your consciousness focused at him and turned to see where it was coming from. His animal instincts told him to do so because some part of him was sensing that energy. Have you ever felt someone looking at you or felt someone silently enter a room behind your back?


Whether you realize it or not, you've likely already had experiences with feeling the Life Force or thought energies of people or places yourself. You've probably walked into a restaurant or motel room and just felt an uncomfortable "something" that made you decide to leave. If you thought about it at the time, you may have been able to describe it as a heaviness, staleness, sadness, or dullness. You may have even felt an uncomfortable humming or buzzing sensation somewhere in your body. You probably took your business to another establishment where you found the place feeling lighter, calmer, or happier somehow.


If you were to sit in a circle with a group of total strangers, besides what you see and hear you’d likely be noticing all kinds of things about them with your higher senses. If you turned your attention to each one in turn, you might find one person to seem happier and one sadder, one angrier or one more withdrawn. One person might feel “brighter” or “shinier” somehow while another might have a “dullness” about them. There might even be one person for whom you get a feeling that “the lights are on, but no one is home”. You may be picking up visual clues to give you this information, but you’d probably still be getting a lot of it even if they were each covered with a blanket. What you are doing is using your higher senses to feel their energy without thinking about it. It is part of the sensing system that our ancient ancestors evolved to survive in a dangerous world, but because our current times are relatively safe compared to dodging saber-toothed tigers, this system has fallen into background of Human awareness in “developed” cultures.


Brad Silberberg relates an experience he had with a woman who wanted to sense energy but wasn’t aware of it:


I met a woman who was working in a small health food store who wanted desperately to “feel” energy. I told her she already was, but that she simply wasn’t noticing it. Things were very quiet in the store, so her manager gave her permission to go into the little office room with me for a few minutes. I sat down next to her and asked her if she could feel her own presence. She looked quite puzzled and replied that she could not.


“Close your eyes,” I said, “Can you feel me sitting next to you without looking?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“OK then,” I said, “I'm going to move over here (crossing the room). Did you feel something change?”

“Why, yes, I did!” she answered excitedly.


I came back and sat next to her. “Can you feel me sitting next to you again?”, I said.

“Yes, I am,” she replied.

“What are you feeling that moved over there and back? You’re feeling my energy, my presence, my I-am-here-ness,” I explained.

“Now,” I said, “can you feel that same thing about yourself?”


A startled look came over her face. “Oh, my God!”, she exclaimed, “what IS that?!!”

“You’re feeling your own presence, your own I-am-sitting-right-here-ness,” I replied.


Her mouth fell open and then she started to cry. “I’ve never felt that before,” she wailed, “I’ve never felt that part of me.”

“That’s where our awareness needs to start,” I told her, “with noticing our own Spiritual nature.”


The thing that we notice most easily is CHANGE (like someone’s presence moving across the room), in part because we would just go nuts if we were constantly noticing every little static situation (like our OWN presence). When you put on a shirt, you feel it against your skin. You don't spend all day noticing your "I-have-a shirt-on-ness." We take notice when we feel a room turn from hot to cold when the air conditioning is turned on or feel a hand press on our skin when there was nothing there before. We notice change most easily when we are PAYING ATTENTION to what is changing. That's the first part of the equation and the key to perception and eventual enlightenment. The second part is just a lot of practice feeling energies and noticing their subtle differences. Think of a professional wine taster; he takes a swig of wine (Blindfolded, of course!) and proceeds to tell you that it was bottled in 1968 in Bordeaux, France at 11am on a Sunday in October and that it had spent 11-1/4 months in an oak barrel. How does he know all that? He's tasted a whole lot of wine and peeked at all of the labels to get to the point of acquiring great discernment, becoming a connoisseur in the process.


The third and maybe most important component for energy discernment is being mentally OPEN TO IT and allowing yourself to sense it. If we are not open to noticing it or even blocking the sensation by closing the safety shutters on our energy system, it’s like having our Geiger counter turned off when we are trying to measure nuclear radiation. Most people tend to shut down their own personal energy emanations (or aura) rather than allowing in “the other” and facing the emotional risks involved. This is a protective maneuver we do out of limiting beliefs, fear, lack of trust, and because most of those around us are also shut down, so we mirror it unconsciously. It is also a self preserving habit to keep out some of the ever growing energy bombardment from people, places, things, light pollution, cell phones, air and car traffic, microwaves, TV and radio broadcasts, power lines, computer screens, etc., that is stressing people out and making them sick. These energies can also clog up our Human energy system and keep us from perceiving movement and changes that we might otherwise notice.


Lastly, releasing disappointment from past experiences and holding the intention that you will eventually be able to feel these subtle/spiritual energies will magnetize you for actually achieving it. Remember that you cannot fail until you stop making attempts to succeed, so hold a lot of crystals, get involved in energy healing, engage in psychic practice exercises, and handle or work with energy devices like our Mesa Creative Arts Tools for Transformation and Healing. Not only will you hone your sensing abilities, but you will receive healing in the process that will open and enhance them.


Staying open to energy

Besides unbalanced Earth energies (geopathic stress) and electromagnetic smog, the negativity of Humanity’s mass consciousness is one of the greatest sources of unbalanced energy that we are exposed to every day. Other people’s fear, anger, pain, grief, etc, can drain us or induce resonance to those emotions in our own systems. It’s important to be aware of this process and find ways to keep from absorbing these energies. One way is to use our minds to make ourselves less like an absorbing sponge and more like a window screen, allowing things to simply flow through us instead of needing periodic “wringing out” to stay energetically healthy. Along with natural healing modalities that release energy, our Tools for Transformation and Healing may be just what’s needed to help release what might otherwise accumulate. It also helps to RADIATE.




There are practical ways to stay open to what comes our way while remaining healthy and radiant. One way is by using our intention to be an receiver-transmitter for higher energies from Creation. We can use our awareness to take in those life-giving subtle energies from Nature, God/Source, and The Universe, and radiate them back out. The more we remember to radiate, the more we can take in and the more we take in, the more we can send out. The more we are able to radiate, the more relaxed we are. The more relaxed we are, the more we can feel and notice. Radiating also protects us through a process of giving away instead of fearful shielding and helps us to clear our own energy systems. Think about trying to push dirt and stones into the end of a garden hose with a forceful stream of water coming out of it. If the water is turned off, it’s far easier to do. The good news is that there is no shortage of “water” (spiritual or life-force energy) for you to draw from and radiate. Holding back (NOT radiating) is a stressed state that most people don't even know they are in.


You see, each one of us is an antenna for Source/God Energy. We are here (in part) to receive it, slow down its very high frequency with our chakras (subtle energy centers in our bodies), and radiate it back out to the Earth, Nature, and Humanity through our aura. We have demonstrated the difference in how this feels to others by asking people to turn on their energy "radar" while we stand in front of them and consciously pulling in our aura as hard and as tight as we can. They will usually say they feel "quietness", "coldness", and/or a pulling or sucking sensation. As we release our aura (It's very uncomfortable to hold in for long) people often say; "You came back!"


When people shut down and stop radiating their auric light they become like a Black Hole, sucking in energy from all around them and sending it off-planet to who knows where. (You’ve probably met someone who was in such a bad or sad mood that they seemed to suck the very oxygen out of the room.) Each one of us who is radiating counteracts the effects of many Black Holes. It can take some practice to let your Light shine and our Tools for Transformation and Healing can help you by unclogging your energy systems, healing your thoughts and emotions, and increasing your vibrational frequency directly or indirectly. It's still up to you to choose to be a Shining Star or Black Hole. Remember that radiating your Light keeps the flowers opening, the birds singing, the rivers flowing, and the Earth turning. Do you really want to NOT radiate?


What might subtle and spiritual energies FEEL like?


One of the most common experiences people have had that’s like that of feeling energy move through them is BLUSHING. The sensation starts in your face, but then rapidly spreads through your whole body. That rush of adrenaline that causes the blood vessels in your face to dilate goes through your whole system in seconds and so does the emotional energy that set it off.


“OK,” you might say, “so you’ve told me all about these subtle energies, but how do I deal with or discuss them if I can’t describe them even to myself?” People are still finding language to talk about the complex nature of what they feel. You probably know what Love feels like to you, but can you really describe what it feels like inside of your body when you are feeling Love? Here's a little meditation/exercise to help you do some sensing and practice discernment:


Close your eyes and just feel what your are feeling right now. (Noticing what you are noticing is called being CONSCIOUS.) Take a little tour of your body and awareness from your feet to your head, pausing first to sense how your feet feel. Are they tired, tingling, relaxed, aching? Next move up to your knees and tune in there. How do they feel? Now move up to your pelvis. Are you relaxed or tense there, hot or cold? Do you feel pressure anywhere? Is your chest tight or expanded and relaxed? Are your shoulders sore? Is your neck stiff? Turn your attention to your jaw. Are you gritting your teeth? Is your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth? Are your eyes tired, burning, or cool? Can you feel wrinkles in your forehead or is it calm? Is the top of your head itching or tingling? Do you feel dense or loose, warm or cold, calm or nervous? Now you’ve gone completed that tour so you'll more easily pick up on it if some sensation were to change. Now pick up a crystal, touch a plant, put your hand on someone's heart, or hold a Tool for Transformation and Healing. Does something change in your awareness? Can you describe it? If you’re not noticing anything different you’re still OK, but you may be resisting the whole idea of this energy or your internal "meter" may be shut down-- energetically in protective mode. Try this:


First, take a deep breath and let it out. Think about radiating light, sound, or heat out from your body in all directions. Close your eyes, put your hands on your heart, say "RADIATE" and move your hands out to the sides until your arms are straight out. Can you feel your energy system open up? Now pick up that crystal and see what changes you feel. You may still have to open the protective "doorway" in your wrist that keeps everything you touch from entering your energy system through your hand. Just envision a door (however you see it, as the door to your house, a garden gate, or a big iron prison door) at your wrist and envision that door opening. Can you trust enough to let the energy and consciousness of the crystal enter now? Can you even send your consciousness out to meet it? What do you feel now? Need some words/concepts to fill things out?


Here are some ways we use to describe how these energies feel to us that might help you increase your awareness of them. They may be sensed with the hand or all over the body:


Buzzing or tingling, like when your leg is asleep.

Prickly, like static electricity.

A feeling of heat without a heat source. (Usually denotes a LOT of energy moving.)

A feeling of cold without a physical source.

A sense of a rising or falling pitch without any audible sound.

A feeling of something flowing through you like wind or a stream or current of warm water.

A feeling like a wave passing through you.

A sense that some other Being, like an angel or ghost has stepped inside of you (“incorporation”)

Pressure or a pushing sensation with nothing touching you.

A pulsing sensation that is not in time with your heartbeat. (Usually a balancing "Healing Pulse".)

A sensation of bubbles rising like carbonated water or Alka-Seltzer.

A "clanging" sensation like striking a piece of metal held in your hand with a hammer.

A spinning or spiraling sensation.

A fluttering or shimmering sensation.

A sensation like a change in altitude or barometric pressure.

A sense of lightness that wasn't present before.

A sense of expansion in some way.

A shift in consciousness like meditation or falling asleep.

A sudden sigh or yawn. (Denotes that you are getting relieved of something by what you came into contact with.)


Many people don’t recognize the signs of their energy system in movement or release. Here are some signs that built up energy is being released from a person’s system on the physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual level:




Muscle twitching/releasing






Shaking or trembling



Vibrating or buzzing, especially in the feet, hands, head, or sex organs

The Hidden Message of Our Emotions

Posted by Lorna Wilson on April 5, 2016 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (1)


Brain Waves And The Deeper States Of Consciousness

Posted by Lorna Wilson on March 12, 2016 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

During your hypnosis session the more you allow yourself to relax the greater depth of information you will be able to access.  Have a look at the following information to have a better understanding of why this is important:


In a nutshell, there are five major brain wave ranges: Beta (12-30Hz) is present in normal waking consciousness and is heightened during times of stress; the Alpha brain wave (7.5-14Hz) in deep relaxation; Theta (4-7.5Hz) in meditation and light sleep; and the slowest, Delta (0.5-4Hz) in deep dreamless sleep and transcendental meditation. The less recognised Gamma is fastest (above 40Hz) and associated with sudden insight. The optimal level for visualization is the Alpha-Theta Border at 7-8Hz. It is the gateway to your subconscious mind.


The Marvelous Properties of Gamma Brain Waves


Inducing Higher Intelligence and Heightened Senses with Gamma Brain Waves


Gamma Brain Waves Infographic

Your Higher Consciousness is Your Master Key

Posted by Lorna Wilson on March 12, 2016 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)

There are essentially three aspects to consciousness, specifically the subconscious mind, the conscious mind and higher consciousness. Each plays a pivotal role in creating your circumstances so understanding how the three are inter-related is fundamental to truly harnessing the power of your mind. Being familiar with what is meant by consciousness will go a long way in enabling you to consciously create the reality of your choice. Consciousness is the very foundation of the most powerful resource you have at your disposal - your mind. It is the most familiar and yet most mysterious aspect of your life. Without it you could not experience life. With it, you are eternal.

Anatomy of the Subconscious Mind: The subconscious is the incredibly powerful programme that runs every aspect of your life automatically and without any need for your conscious input. Simply put, any thought, message or order that is given to the subconscious often enough and convincingly enough will in time be accepted as truth and consistently be carried out with exact precision irrespective of whether it benefits you or not. The most important thing you must know is that it is subjective in nature. This means that it can not reason or distinguish between positive and negative.

In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Joseph Murphy explains that "when thoughts are conveyed to your subconscious mind, impressions are made in the brain cells. As soon as your subconscious accepts any idea, it proceeds to put it into effect immediately... it draws on the infinite power, energy and wisdom within you. It lines up all the laws of nature to get its way. Sometimes it seems to bring about an immediate solution to your difficulties, but at other times it may take days, weeks, or longer... Its ways are past finding out."

The subconscious mind's inability to reason is not a weakness. In fact it is fundamental to its power. To illustrate this, imagine if your subconscious had to decide whether or not your heart should pump blood around your body, whether or not to immediately send white blood cells to heal a wound, whether or not to walk each time you consciously wanted to walk.

The subconscious mind's subjective nature is responsible for every function you carry out automatically without conscious thought, from digesting the food you eat to healing a wound to speaking a language to driving your car - ultimately all your habitual actions. It is the storehouse of your memory. It never sleeps any more than your heart sleeps. Were it able to reason, your body would be unable to function and life as we know it could not exist.

Its power is also its Achilles heel because its lack of reasoning ability means that it is equally willing to carry out negative programmes as it is positive, with often devastating effect. The true potential of the subconscious mind may be limitless but potential alone is more detrimental than useful when the programmes carried out are negative. Having said this, given its inability to judge right from wrong, it can not be held responsible for the negative programmes it relentlessly carries out. Who then is responsible?

The second aspect of your consciousness is your conscious mind. It is also known as the objective mind or self-consciousness. It is the mind of your five senses, enabling you to consciously experience the physical world. Most importantly, it is that aspect of your mind that is able to reason. This ability to reason sets human beings apart from the plant and mineral kingdoms and places us highest in the animal kingdom. Your conscious mind essentially grants you the freedom to consciously rather than unconsciously choose your outcomes.

The All-Important Function as Guardian of the Subconscious: Given its capacity to reason and discriminate, your conscious mind has an incredibly important function. It is supposed to be the guardian at the door of your subconscious mind, ensuring that only wanted and empowering messages are allowed through. It is supposed to be the sole commander of your subconscious mind as it is only through the conscious mind that you can access the subconscious. The words supposed to be have been stressed intentionally since most people have no idea about this incredible role. Instead, they experience life in a zombie-like state, allowing messages from the media, society, school, friends, family and even those they deem their "enemies" to pass through to their subconscious mind unchecked, irrespective of their nature.

Charles Haanel explains it this way in The Master Key System: "The subconscious mind does not engage in the process of proving. It relies upon the conscious mind to guard it from mistaken impressions. When the "watchman" is "off guard," or when its calm judgment is suspended, under a variety of circumstances, then the subconscious mind is unguarded and left open to suggestion from all sources."

Who is Running Your Show?: Unbeknown to most people their life is being run in strict accordance with a set of deeply ingrained subconscious programmes that they did not consciously choose in the first instance. To make matters worse, it is argued that most of these programmes were locked in place by the age of around ten. This is because a child's ability to reason is limited compared to that of an adult. This may enable a child to absorb new information with great superiority, but it also means that a child's subconscious mind, being more easily programmed, is left wide open to unchecked negative messages.

Consciously Reprogramme Your Subconscious: By the time a child has reached its early teenage years, its reasoning abilities have significantly developed and so it is able to consciously choose what messages to accept. By then, however, core programmes are already in place and the subconscious mind doesn't want to know any different even if it has unwittingly taken error to mean truth. The simplest way to consciously override these negative programmes is by learning to access your All-Knowing higher self.

The third aspect of your consciousness is your higher consciousness. It is also known as the super-conscious mind, your higher self. It is the least understood and least accessed aspect of consciousness because it does not belong to the physical or mental realm. Its domain is the spiritual realm. It is the You that is All-Knowing and All-Powerful and is the same in kind as the One Universal Mind. It is the You that is beyond not only the physical world but also the emotions of your mental world. Your higher self does not distinguish between good or bad, wrong or right, happy or sad - not because it is unable to but because it has no need to. It is the You that knows only balance. It is the You that is only true Love. It is the eternal observer. It is absolute stillness.

Your Reality is An Illusion: Your higher consciousness knows that the physical, outside world you experience as your reality "is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" as Einstein told us. It knows that your circumstances, whether wanted or unwanted, are simply a reflection of your inner world which itself is a product of your thoughts. It knows that your reality is the mirror that allows your consciousness to experience itself. In this knowledge, your higher consciousness is always still and at peace. It observes your success and your failure, your joy and your pain, your light and your dark and is not disturbed by anything. Ultimately, it knows that it is all a dream.

A Case of Necessary Semantics: Some great thinkers and writers stop short of distinguishing between the subconscious mind and higher consciousness. Instead, they have granted unlimited power to the subconscious, despite it being under the guardianship of the conscious mind. While it may be semantics, the distinction is imperative to understanding consciousness. Were the subconscious mind all-powerful and all-knowing it could not be subjected to negative programmes for it would know better. The term sub itself tells you that it is below the conscious mind. In fact, it is the lesser counterpart in the hierarchy of consciousness and is what we have in common with the plant and mineral kingdoms albeit at varying degrees. In contrast, higher consciousness is above all. It is truly Omnipotent and Omniscient for it is One with the One Universal Mind. Like the subconscious mind, it is also subjective in nature, not though because it cannot distinguish between the opposites but rather, because it is above them.

All Mind is One - Three in One: Having distinguished between the three aspects of consciousness, it must be said that the distinction is for your better understanding only. In truth though, there is no separation in mind - there is no dividing line. All three aspects are One - varying degrees of a singular Mind, itself pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. Ultimately the Universal Laws of Mentalism and Vibration tell us that all is mind and that the entire Universe is vibrating energy. This also means that higher consciousness is not something you need to acquire or look for outside of yourself. You already possess it. All you need to do is become consciously aware of it and learn to access it.

Would You Let a 10-Year Old Run Your Life?: Most people are ignorant of their higher consciousness. Moreover, most people operate in a zombie-like state even at the conscious level, unwittingly allowing all the messages with which they are bombarded to be passed down to their subconscious mind for programming. This ultimately leaves their lives in full control of their subconscious, which in this state, is doing little more than running a bunch of programmes that itself has no idea whether or not they are beneficial. If this is you then essentially your life is being run by an ignorant and quite painfully stubborn ten year old. Ultimately, if we are not consciously directing our existence, then it places us in a position no superior to that of plants. Just like the man who can read but does not do so has no advantage over the illiterate man.

Change the Chain of Command and Your Life will Change: Before attempting to consciously root out and replace the negative programmes embedded in your subconscious mind, your first step is to change the chain of command. Decide now to place your conscious mind on guard at the door of your subconscious mind. Decide now to allow only empowering, positive, nurturing messages to pass through that door. Decide now to hand over the direction of your conscious mind to your Higher Self and in so doing become the silent observer of your life.

Re-Programming Your Mind: Learn to be the unshakable witness to your old patterns and behaviours, knowing that they are simply illusions; the programmes of a previously misguided subconscious mind. Know that through meditation, creative visualization and the repetition of positive affirmations, these old patterns will in time be replaced by new empowering behaviours and beliefs which although just as much an illusion, will ensure your success rather than your failure. By allowing your Higher Self to lead you, you open yourself up to a world of miracles in which you can consciously create your reality.

In a nutshell, consciousness forms the foundation of the power of your mind. Although there are three distinguishable aspects of consciousness, all three are One. The difference essentially comes down to reason. The subconscious mind can not reason, the conscious mind is reason, and higher consciousness need not reason. In other words, where your conscious mind is the commander and your subconscious mind the subject, your higher consciousness is your kingdom. It is in reference to your higher self that Jesus Christ said "the kingdom of heaven is within". When you learn to consciously programme your subconscious mind under the protection of your conscious mind and the direction of your higher self, you will see miraculous transformation in all areas of your life.

Tania Kotsos

The Afterlife: The Death Transition

Posted by Lorna Wilson on March 8, 2016 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

An excerpt from my book: Healing Journeys Through Quantum Realities: The Handbook

The day of death—as the spirit transitions away from the body—and the next phase of the experience are crucial consciousness moments for the soul. What will that life just re-experienced mean to the other aspects of self? Which belief systems are being retained and which are being released?


Time should be spent exploring the last day of a life. Those feelings, decisions and beliefs will have to be processed and released to clear any residual energy. After death, when the soul is free, an energy clearing is often described as taking place before they move on or further inwards. In such cases shift the client back to events leading up to that last day or to another significant moment before that day. Only after such exploration is made should you move them forward to the arrival scene or interlife experience.


With brutal or painful deaths the soul generally exits the body before the actual death occurs, watching the body from afar as it dies. Some feel so deeply called to be free of the body that they exit quickly, without experiencing any lingering concern or curiosity about the body’s actual death. They detach from the death scene instantly and express no interest in finding out what happened to the body after it expired. Even so, it is still important to explore the last day of life and how the consciousness was preparing for transition.


Not all clients report seeing a light, float upwards, or become aware of other beings at death. Sometimes they say: “There is nothing,” and when asked what is happening now, they don’t know what they are to do next. Rarely, although it does occasionally happen, they say that they need to find another body. This should be explored for a variety of reasons and may lead to a need for soul integration. Are they going to reincarnate immediately? Are they going to stay within the earth vibration and/or attach to someone else? What exactly do they mean by that comment? Refocus them on the life they have just exited, explore how they felt about that lifetime and what their thoughts are now they have left that body. Afterlife perceptions always differ from what was experienced in the body.


After they have left the body some souls choose to stay around their home or community; most are pleased to be free and float away, while others choose to have a look at something local to them. To do this, they float away but do not remark on their ability to do so as they accept it as completely natural. Those who die with strong feelings of anger or frustration may still be attached to the story and cannot move on without help. Rarely has a soul told me during a session that they will become a ghost so that they can get back at someone but it may occur, which will lead to a need to process and release that fragmentation. Being able to process unresolved feelings by exploring how they feel and what they might have done differently helps to prevent fragmentation or attachment to others.


I thought it interesting to show a few examples of entering into the afterlife. There have literally been dozens at least but I’ve picked these three quite different examples to use. I’ve tried to stay verbatim to their words but have condensed it for easier reading and length.


1) This person died after having lived with her extended family after her parents had died. She escaped them by marrying at 17 and felt ‘liberated’ but went on to live a quiet life. The last day of her life found her a woman in her 60s having had a contented life. She feels quite happy having thoughts of leaving this Earth in peace having had a better life than some other people. The last hours’ thoughts show her that her only child—a daughter—is single and is going to feel lonely. She decides to leave when she is not looking. She leaves having made a conscious choice to leave. Five minutes before leaving she has a perception of a gateway into a tunnel—like a path opening up in her room that she can just climb into. She floats into it alone (it’s a different space in her room that has a different energy to the room so that she can just float into it). She looks back at her body, which is old, and wishes that she could have been more open minded and wants to take more memories of things she knows into her next life. These type of things are about life and ‘other worldly’ life things but she doesn’t know what she means by that. She could have been more loving towards her husband. Her decisions that affect her current life are that she shouldn’t be so reserved and to get out more.


Now she leaves the body behind and is really excited about where she is going... it is back home and she knows automatically where it is she is going and how to get there. Now at home, there are lots of people around her that she knows and has missed. They spend time together talking about where they’ve all been. They are light beings, not in fully human form, with white light around them and yellows and pinks. She’s now not a physical body but has a blue hue to her. There is a lot of exchanging of ideas with lots of laughter and humour with what everyone has been through and a bit of sadness as everyone does get a bit attached to their lives (on Earth, in her case).


After spending time with her friends there she tells me that “we actually don’t know really what lives we’ve each have had or the others have led until we ask. It’s not like they instinctively know or are told in advance about where everybody is going. We go our separate ways and then meet back in this place, and then we have to reenergise. We sit or be around this stone thing in the middle (of a space) that has a spiral like a vortex of energy coming up from the floor and around it, and we get energised by being near it and it makes us feel a lot better as it’s quite a traumatic journey coming back. The energising feels really good and warm all over me and I can feel it in my head, it’s like you need it in order for you to connect back to Source. It renews, restores and re-energises our thoughts. After we spend time in this area, which is a meeting or holding place for people. We can stay as long as we like. In this particular place it’s for my group but there are others for other groups. But then we can travel off to wherever we want to go.”


2) This particular client had just experienced quite a traumatic death where his life was taken prematurely through an execution from a wrongful accusation. He is brutalised, mocked, starved and isolated so there is tremendous emotional charge in this for him prior to his leaving this reality. His decision is to internalise these things and not show any of this on the outside so his energy fields is quite congested with fearful resignation. On his transition to the ‘other side’ he moves toward a light that he sees and on sending out the thought for someone to greet him, angels appear and he is being hugged. They know him well but will not permit him to ask questions as they are pulling him along in a gliding fashion and they tell him he’ll be OK and not to worry. Although he is sad he is feeling trusting of them and loved. They take him to a lighter place that is warmer and they are tending to him by touching him softly and soothing him. He asks where he is and they tell him that he is safe. The place is a place of healing, which is important they tell him as he is still in shock. They tell him not to ask questions but just to be as they continuously surround him, touching his shoulders, back and head and though he feels better he is lost in his thoughts of those loved ones he’s left behind. No matter how they reassure him, his sense of duty to them is painful. They begin moving again to a spa-like place with columns and harps playing. Other people are there who are also laying down and receiving healing. He is told once again, no questions…just heal. (The questions are primarily mine as I try to discover what is taking place and why.) His body is shaking, feeling different and becoming something else as his whole body vibrates, a familiar but different feeling. The fear recedes and it is vibrating fast and deep, outside of his control. The angels are still there overseeing him. Translucent blues, purples, and white light surrounds him, shimmering, and he feels different and can only see himself as light with no real form. He is being transformed and comforted. The transformation is preparing for the next step. He is told to be patient when we ask what this next step is, as the vibrations continue. (No matter how I try I cannot rush this process.) He himself is glowing a variety of colours and he shimmers. When this process is complete he is now moving through the stars with his soul friends/family who he belongs with, and they are taking him on a journey someplace. The session continues in a wonderful way that is not relevant to this discussion.


3) This client has just died in a life that was somewhat mundane, she raised other people’s children but had none of her own and felt she died of an ovarian problem in her 40s just when she was beginning to enjoy her husband’s new found wealth. She was unable to marry her first love because of responsibilities to her siblings after their mother’s death. Her last day decisions were that her life was not one she would have chosen, but decides to look on the positive side of things. She slips out of her body quite easily and thinks it’s nice that they’ll miss her but is happy to be gone from the pain and discomfort. She feels a lightness of being and that it’s fun to be free; she discovers her ability to fly around and a few memories come to mind but nothing that hinders her. As she now moves away from where she lived, she expands her viewpoint of the world/Earth and goes and takes a look. She is then aware that someone has come to see her. He tells her she’s had enough time exploring and he laughingly states that she has to come on. It’s a big being who feels male and is, in fact, her Higher Self (‘I’m you’)—she describes an ethereal-type big presence who gently brings her along. They go up as a feeling more like a fast escalator and she is told it’s her perception of moving this way, and she is once again ‘born again’ and being taken to a place of rest. He tells her to stay there for a while to adjust because she had been sick and needs now to be restored.





Guided Quantum Journey Into Multidimensional Higher Self

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This is best listened with head/earphones before falling asleep while keeping the intention of the visual and sensory continuation during sleep. If you don't already keep a dream journal it's recommend that you do pay attention to your dreams after listening to this journey. As consciousness expands and the finer realms become more easily accessible to a larger portion of the population, first hand experiential knowledge of these realms is becoming more common. A great deal of abstract sensory material that used to be thought of as paranormal has now shifted position into mainstream ‘normal’ and is thought of as familiar and ordinary phenomena. The human mind is now able to perceive, absorb, interpret, and communicate with more raw data and abstract information than ever before. When we shift our awareness inward into the more subtle realms, we discover colors, sounds and other sensory activity that interacts with our consciousness and in many cases, such phenomena will actually communicate and dialogue with us in very 'normal' ways.

The Connectedness of Life - A QHHT session

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This QHHT based session information below was conducted by Tai Ashley-Jones. Her client for this session is fellow QHHT practitioner Lorna Wilson. You can find the last QHHT based article I posted from Tai here, 'The Auditorium - A QHHT session by Tai Ashley-Jones', which was back on the 31st of October last year.

Epigenetics | Your Unlimited Potential for Health

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"The widely accepted dogma that your genes control your health destiny is quickly being uprooted by the emerging field of epigenetics. It is probably the most important biological discovery since DNA!How does it work?

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You’ve probably heard the debate of “nature vs. nurture” … meaning, is it the genetic code you received at conception or the environment in which you were raised that most influences your future health? The answer is both … but your actions, lifestyle and even your thoughts may have the most sway … and nothing is set in stone. Allow me to explain …


You’re in Control of Your Health Destiny


In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton explains the foundation of epigenetics, and how the true secret to life does not lie within your DNA, but rather within the mechanisms of the cell membrane. In this way -- which is contrary to conventional medical science -- it is actually the cell’s membrane -- operating in response to environmental signals picked up by the membrane’s receptors -- that control the “reading” of the genes inside.


For instance, researchers from the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University recently explained at Experimental Biology 2010 how altered "histone modifications” can impact the expression of many degenerative diseases, ranging from cancer and heart disease to biopolar disorder and even aging itself.


Rod Dashwood, a professor of environmental and molecular toxicology and head of LPI's Cancer Chemoprotection Program, told EurekAlert:


"We believe that many diseases that have aberrant gene expression at their root can be linked to how DNA is packaged, and the actions of enzymes such as histone deacetylases, or HDACs.


As recently as 10 years ago we knew almost nothing about HDAC dysregulation in cancer or other diseases, but it's now one of the most promising areas of health-related research."


You have tumor suppressor genes in your body right now, and these genes are capable of stopping cancer cells in their tracks. These genes are present in ALL of your cells, but so are proteins called histones.


As Dr. Jean-Pierre Issa at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center explains, histones can essentially “hug” DNA so tightly that it becomes “hidden from view for the cell.” If a tumor suppressor gene is hidden, it cannot be utilized, and in this way too much HDAC will “turn off” these cancer suppressors.


Now here’s where epigenetics comes in … there are many HDAC inhibitors out there that will essentially block the HDAC, allowing your tumor suppressor genes to activate and fight cancer. These HDAC inhibitors exist, at least in part, in common foods like broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, garlic and onions.


By adding these foods to your diet, you are supporting your body’s ability to fight tumors.


And this is only one example of many.


You are in control of your genes … and are changing them often -- daily and perhaps even hourly -- based on the foods you eat, the air you breathe, and the thoughts you think. It’s your environment and lifestyle that dictates your tendency to express disease, and this new realization is set to make major waves in the future of disease prevention -- including one day educating people on how to fight disease at the epigenetic level.


You Can Mold Your Genes to Your Advantage


No matter what hand you were dealt at birth, you can take steps to “activate” the disease-busting, health-boosting genes and suppress those that will cause you harm. This is evidenced perhaps most clearly by identical twins, who start out with the exact same genetic code … but end up very different.


Epigenetic "malleability" helps to explain why identical twins become distinct as they age.


For instance, why does one identical twin develop cancer and the other remain healthy when they have identical DNA? Why does one twin become obese and another remain lean?


As you age, your genome does not change but your epigenome changes dramatically, especially during critical periods of life, such as adolescence. It is influenced by physical and emotional stresses -- how you respond to everything that happens in your environment, from climate change to childhood abuse.


The secret is in the methyl groups that overlie the DNA molecule, which is the realm of the epigenome.


When a gene is turned off epigenetically, the DNA has usually been "methylated." When methyl groups adhere to a segment of DNA, they inhibit the gene’s response.


Methylation-gone-wrong is now suspected in autism, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.


You do not manifest disease merely by a defective gene, but by your epigenome. In other words, whether or not you develop disease is determined by how your genome is being directed to express itself. There are also "master genes" that can switch on and off clusters of other genes.


Scientists have discovered it is easier to make epigenetic changes than to fix damaged genes. Your epigenome is easier to mess up -- but it’s also easier to fix.


That’s good news -- it means you aren’t doomed by bad genes!


Epigenetic therapy, which is essentially the curing of disease by epigenetic manipulation, involves changing the instructions to your cells -- reactivating desirable genes and deactivating undesirable ones. This emerging field, now in its infancy, may represent the future of medicine.


A Healthy Lifestyle Supports Healthy Genetic Expression


One way to look at epigenetics is this: all of your cells contain ALL of your genes. The reason why your skin cells behave differently than, say, your liver cells, is because the genes that are not needed by a particular cell are turned off by epigenetics.


In fact, each tissue only uses about 10 percent to 20 percent of its gene complement, according to Dr. Issa. When a disease, such as cancer occurs, the solution, according to epigenetics therapy, is not to kill the cell as conventional cancer treatments do … it’s to “remind” the cell or change its instructions so that it can go back to being a normal, healthy cell instead of a cancer (or other disease) cell.


You can begin to do this on your own, long before you manifest a disease, by encouraging your genes to express positive, disease-fighting behaviors in the first place by leading a healthy lifestyle.


To get started, please read through my comprehensive nutrition plan, which will give you tips and tools for eating healthy, dealing with stress and living a lifestyle that will support your epigenetics health.


Please Remember Your Emotions Also Play a Major Role


You can also turn your genes on and off with your emotions. Most people have emotional traumas that can adversely affect their health. Using techniques like energy psychology, you can go in and correct the trauma and actually regulate the expression of your genes. My favorite technique for this is Meridian Tapping Technique/Emotional Freedom Technique (MTT/EFT)."