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Lorna Wilson, Advanced Hypnotherapist,

Shamanic Practitioner, Author & Mentor



Some thoughts and QHHT

Posted by Lorna Wilson on August 7, 2017 at 1:15 PM

Anna shares her thoughts in a forum after having a Quantum Healing session with me:

I did one QHHT session and i wanted to share some thoughts from the sessions. A lot of interesting information came up including past lives, soul purpose, relationships, spiritual guides and their role and more. I just want to share some parts of it.

When i was about 13 i went on a dancing camp but what i remember most is that two elder woman took me to a room and told me to sit in meditation posture repeating a mantra, a moment when i slipped into a different dimension. Mantras, Music and singing has been special for me in life and i also have a special connection to India where mantras is used a lot.

In the session i came back to a past life, where i lived as Indian woman escaping from getting burned, cause i didn't want to adapt to the wishes of society, where i ended up in the mountains where i sang mantras in a spiritual group of people. Now i understand better why it happened when i was 13 and how it relates to past life.

I died happy but with a lot of guilt for having left my sister in the village (who luckily now came back as my mum). Interestingly i died of heart problems. Nowadays, every time i go to India i feel such guilt against my parents, and i never understood where it came from, but now i do!

Therefore i think this method is great as for example, if just to follow the Freudian therapeutic line for example, then it can be really misguiding and harming if explaining a specific issue as a result of the childhood when it in fact is coming from a different life.

It was interesting to understand in the end, how all the questions asked in the beginning showed its synchronization, how everything is connected in one way or another. I tried to capture the part shared here in a picture.

I can warmly recommend to do a QHHT- session with Lorna Wilson who had a humble and relaxed attitude aswell as a very special and calm voice.


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