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Video: Lorna Wilson - Why QHHT

Posted by Lorna Wilson on February 26, 2019 at 3:55 PM
This is a recent interview  QHHT pracititoner. Cettina Casella is informative and fun. Enjoy.   

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This is a comment beneath the Youttube video from a former client:  

I'm drawn to Lorna's wisdom. I had no idea she had shamanic experience but it really makes sense. She did wonders in my session just by allowing it to take its natural path which was more in line with inner work / shadow work rather than strictly qhht, but that is what my subconscious wanted me to see and experience. She made me feel safe, and that s a task of its own, and she followed up the session with forwarding useful links on topics that we touched on that day.

Sincerely grateful and really enjoyed the interview! Thank you both  <3   Elena B

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